If you’ve gone to France but gotten tired of eating macarons all day, of going up in the Eiffel Tower and of strolling along the River Seine, it’ll be useful for you to take a look at our recommendations that will give you an unforgettable France experience!


The French city of Biarritz on the Atlantic coast, 18 kilometres from the Spanish border, is famous for its luxury boutiques that sell the products of French fashion designers, chic patisseries, restaurants and bars that liven up the appetiser culture. While this old fishing village that hosts many different cultures impresses tourists with its luxurious shoreline, casinos and surf culture, it draws in tourists each season with its generally hot climate. Don’t leave without making it over to the Church of Saint Martin after taking a lovely stroll along the seaside 🙂


Arles is a beautiful city, which makes paintings jealous and is reflected on the canvases of many artists, and it is located in the Provence Region of Southern France. Among the artists who have painted this charming region the most is world-famous Vincent Van Gogh. The expression for the city of Arles, synonymous with the famous painter, that it has the most beautiful sun in France is the kind of thing that will support the popularity of the region…🙂 Arles is home to host a few important points that must be seen, from its ancient Roman ruins to its historic plazas and antique buildings. While walking along the narrow streets composed of stone buildings, you can feel yourself travel back in time for a moment.


If you’re dreaming of a holiday where you can be in the centre of nature, where you can discover new flavours, where the wine is fantastic and where you can explore in the calm spring sun on a bike, then Strasbourg, situated on the border of France, Germany and Switzerland, is quite an advantageous travel route that’s easily reached from all three countries. For a quick and relaxing break that won’t wear you out and where you won’t need detailed plans, you can be sure that you’ll rest your mind and replenish your energy in this fairy-tale city that’s ready to impress you deeply with its deep-rooted history and unmatched beauty.

Don’t even think about leaving without taking a tour of the Rhone River or without seeing Petit France, the Barrage Nauvan Bridge and the Notre Dame Cathedral 🙂


Lyon is the third largest city in France, located in the country’s southwest, and it presents a charming atmosphere with its streets where you’ll be able to see the best examples of the Renaissance period, with its museums that combine history and art and its buildings that bear traces from the Roman and Byzantine periods.

 Lyon has an international reputation in the textile, engineering, pharmaceuticals and health sectors, and it has become one of the most important centres for fashion while being shown among the world’s prominent centres for silk production.

The city has become popular for its developed cuisine and is referred to as the capital of gastronomy for having the highest quality cuisine in France.

The most ideal time to visit Lyon is between April-October because the city has a tougher climate because of its geographic characteristics.

You can frequently take breaks to take photographs while moving among the streets that just smell of history. We definitely recommend you photograph the coloured bridges that decorate the rivers by joining a boat tour on the river… 🙂


France’s oldest and third largest city in terms of population, Marseille, is warm port city that stands out with its cosmopolitan structure…Marseille is the culture capital of the famous Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region with its 17th century buildings and wonderful beaches, and it has a very aesthetic look with the murals done on side streets while offering a very romantic atmosphere with its old harbours.

Having won the title of European Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille offers rather rich alternatives in terms of places to visit and stuns with its impressive museums, beaches that get sun all year round, its delicious seafoods, chic restaurants, hospitable people and buildings that hold a mirror up to the history of the Mediterranean. While the heart of the city surrounds the Vieux Port (old port) with rows of entertainment boats and yachts, you can reach the Le Panier neighbourhood as you head up from the harbour. The Joliette district and the République neighbourhood, full of chic boutiques and Haussmann-type buildings, are among the other touristic spaces waiting to be discovered in this historic city…Don’t even think about leaving before posing in the mirror at Vieux Port 🙂

After you’ve determined your travel route, it’s time to pack your suitcase… 🙂

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