Whether you want it in light or dark tones, as long as it is used in the right place in sufficient doses, blue is the colour of serenity, of refreshment, that will reflect throughout your home and your soul…

You can bring peace, tranquillity and depth into your living spaces with this colour that will help you capture a calm atmosphere in your decoration with its relaxing characteristics.

A timeless duo, blue and white… While a tea or coffee in Madame Coco’s blue and white cups accompanies you for a pleasant start to your day, your practical presentations in bowls, each chicer and uniquely designed than the next, will make your life easier!

Along with having many different tones, blue is one of the most harmonious colours within all colours, and it will help you sign off on your fantastic decor by revealing your own taste and style when it comes to colour harmony…

For the blue-white porcelain teapots that will be featured in your presentations, get ready to frequently hear the question, “Where did you get this?” You heard it from us! 🙂

You left behind a stressful day… Do you want to start the new day right and wake up in high spirits?

Pastel blue colours that don’t wear out your eyes will be the best choice to create a fresh look in your bedroom. The blue duvet sets and coverlets that you combine with tones of white and light cream will help you feel calm and far away from the stress by revealing a look like a tableau when the light your room gets, interior design and your own creative taste and accessories unite.

Have you ever met anyone in your life who said they don’t like the colour blue?

Blue has been used in works of art, kitchen items and complementary products all over the world for centuries, and it is one of the colours that never goes out of style. Wherever you go in the world, you can return with a blue object for your home!

Madame Coco’s elegant coffee mugs in different tones of blue will either be a chic alternative gift or the essential piece of your coffee pleasure…

Blue will run to your aid when you want to change the mood of your dinner table, and it’s one of those colours that always looks special…

To carry the energy of the sky and make a different with the most beautiful tones of blue are wonderful opportunities for you to capture a more vibrant and joyful atmosphere, especially in the summer months!

By the way, blue is the colour of the sea and creates a whole new reflection on your dinner table while giving off feelings of freedom. Using the colour blue, which decreases the appetite, you can get up from the table having eaten less food 🙂 You can recommend dark blue-coloured accessories and blue-patterned porcelain pieces for the dinner tables of ladies watching their weights. Keep this in mind 🙂

Choose either a modern or traditional decor for your bathroom; using blue and white colours is the right decision for all styles because blue-white bathrooms almost create a therapeutic effect with its soothing and relaxing characteristics after a tiring day. When you correctly use the colour blue by evaluating it with a few of its tones in your bathroom decor, you can reveal a more dramatic and striking look. While you can make your bathroom unique by using a chic mirror, if you have a small bathroom, you can make it look more spacious and brighter than it actually is by using white with lighter tones of blue.

Madame Coco is the meeting point for designs that present chic style and elegance together, and it’s possible for you to come across blue-white decorative products each more diverse and distinguished than the next. Especially for those who value garden decor, quality and unique flower pots, wall ornaments, vases will accompany pleasant chats in a tranquil ambiance by giving inspiration to styles of decoration…

Blue symbolises the freedom of the sky and is one of the colours that stands out among Madame Coco’s designs that add joy to living spaces… When it becomes subject of white as the most beautiful complementary colour for blue especially in the summer months, it’s inevitable that you find products that address all tastes at all Madame Coco stores and at! Let this special colour find its place in your living spaces as much as it has touched your soul.